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Masterclass with...

Ole Rasmus Møller

Ole Rasmus Møller is a danish actor, singer, voice & drama teacher, educated from the University in Copenhagen and at various drama schools in both GB & DK. 

In addition to this, he graduated as a singing coach from “Complete Vocal Institute” in 2008 and from "Modern Vocal Training" in 2023.

Ole Rasmus' CV shows that he has worn many hats; he has performed in musical theatres, plays, cabarets and various shows. Ole Rasmus has worked as a singer on numerous albums and singing title songs for cartoon series and has intensive TV and live experience.

Ole Rasmus is based in Copenhagen where he teaches professional artists & musical theatre students. He travels the world and has been teaching in 12 countries. In the next coming weeks Ole Rasmus travels to Oslo to teach a workshop for professional singers and is continuing to Tromsø to teach actors and theatre students at the university in the northern part of Norway.

Ole Rasmus´ background in theatre has given him a lot of experience in teaching song interpretation. His 40 years as a professional performer contribute to his versatility as a teacher and his ability to offer career essential performance tools to his students, who will be provided with a relevant combination of techniques to achieve their highest potential when it counts – in auditions and on stage.

Ole Rasmus teaches in a safe teaching environment and strives to stay positive, professional and curious. 


What to expect

Ole Rasmus will do a 5 hour workshop sharing his knowledge and some of the questions he is asking when coaching Performance & Song Interpretation. 

After a 30 minute introduction he will share a couple of exercises, including all the participants. 

Finally Ole Rasmus will work with 5-7 singers. Bring sheet music to a song you know by heart if you want to participate actively in the masterclass.

Note for the workshop & masterclass on June 1th:

The active spots within the masterclass are the best fit for professional singers and performers. Singing teachers and vocal coaches who want to learn from this teaching approach are also welcome.

For all styles within musical theatre, pop and singer-songwriter.

You will leave the workshop with a renewed toolset on how to communicate and finding focus on stage and in your performance. 



Ole Rasmus and Eva have been studying together at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, where they both graduated as Authorised CVT Teachers in 2008. They have been good friends and colleagues ever since. 

Eva has been organizing several classes and international workshops for the last 15 years and will be hosting these masterclasses.

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